It's been a few weeks now since Beyoncé dropped her latest album, Cowboy Carter. While Beyoncé herself claims it's simply "...a Beyoncé album," it most certainly is influenced by country music pretty heavily.

That being said, are we in Idaho country enough to even enjoy it?

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Beyonce, 'Cowboy Carter' Album: 16 Things You Need to Know

Beyoncé's Cowboy Carter album is a massive collaboration that features country, pop, hip-hop, opera and more. Three Country Music Hall of Famers are highlighted among the 10 pairings (on 27 songs).

Here are 16 things you need to know as you listen.

Gallery Credit: Billy Dukes

So, is Idaho country enough for Beyoncé? First off, we need to define what it even means to be "country" in the country music sense. According to Merriam Webster's Dictionary, to be described as "country" means:

of or relating to a decorative style associated with life in the country.

Simple enough.

Well, we've got horses in Idaho. We've got trucks. Definitely got lots of dogs. Beer? Oh yeah, there's so much beer here. Guns? Yeap. Guns. Sunsets, wilderness, water, check, check, check.

So, yeah, we'd say Idaho as a state is pretty country. Wouldn't you agree?

Now that that's settled, we can focus on more important debates. Like, which cities in Idaho are home to the most beautiful people? If you thought that was something that couldn't be figured out, well you thought wrong, because we did the research.

Please don't be offended if your town didn't make the list. You are beautiful and special and you're our perfect little muffin, okay?

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