Looking for love is rarely easy. While some people hit the dating apps to find a match, others check their horoscopes, hoping to see a sign in the stars.

Hoping to gain the attention of other single rubberneckers looking for love, one 23-year-old man decided to try something new by advertising himself on a massive roadside billboard instead.

Having never been kissed or even gone on a date, Ed Champan decided that paying for a giant billboard advertisement in Leeds, England, was his best option to land his very first date — and maybe even a girlfriend in the process.

"I had tried some dating apps, but it didn't go well for me at all. So I decided I needed to try something different and thought having my own billboard would be a good way of meeting people," Chapman said, according to The Mirror.

Chapman, who works as a content creator and doesn't take life too seriously, designed the "silly" billboard himself.

"I made the design of the billboard myself and took my own picture, which was one of the hardest things. I went through multiple outfits and poses and made sure I got a haircut before taking the picture," he shared.

Chapman is excited and hopes the billboard is a sign, no pun intended, of "something positive to come."

"I'm obviously a little bit nervous to go on my first-ever date, but it should be good," he added.

The billboard is located "on the M621 on the way into Leeds" and is admittedly "much bigger" than Chapman expected.

Hopefully he'll find success on the road to love.

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