When it comes to Boise State football--fans are vocal and passionate. Then again, we should clarify that the hates--and there are many of them--are just as passionate and just as vocal. Over the last few weeks, there has been plenty to talk about no matter who you're rooting for when it comes to Boise State football.

Fans struggled early on watching the Broncos lose and come nowhere near expectation. Haters have thrived, exclaiming that finally the Broncos are being exposed as weak. While the Broncos aren't in the clear just yet--there is certainly a lot more optimism in the air right now.

We have to give credit where it's due, and today we're tipping out hats to Boise State "wizard" B.J. Rains who is constantly thinking outside of the box when it comes to breaking down Boise State athletics. If you have been a Boise Sate fan for a long time, you will quickly understand WHY Rains was asking this question earlier in the week.

  Despite a win on the blue over the weekend--we won't lie, we're feeling a little...betrayed? Perennial powers like the University of Oregon have new uniform combinations every weekend and even programs like Notre Dame really make noise if even the slightest change to their uniforms is made. Boise State? This team is known for one thing and one thing only: wearing blue...ON the blue.


Call the blue turf what you will (we know, it doesn't look good on TV)--it the "secret weapon" of the football program in more ways than just publicity. Boise State, for YEARS, were called cheaters for wearing all-blue uniforms on the all-blue field.

Guess what? They hardly lost.


No, Boise State was never hiding more than 11 players on the field in the all-blue uniforms or any of the other conspiracy theories--but it drove opposing fans nuts and it seems only appropriate that when Boise State is ON the blue...they wear: BLUE! What do you think about the uniform conundrum?    




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