Since 1958 Bosses all over the country have been celebrated during National Bosses Day which happen to be on October 16th. We've all had our share our good, bad and simply ugly bosses. While we all appreciate the good bosses the bad ones definitely leaves us stories to tell for many years to come, So today on National Bosses Day I wanted to share three bonehead boss stories compliments of cbs . Cheers to all the good bosses, Thanks for not being like the guys in the following stories.

  • #1: I worked as a secretary for a large metropolitan hospital. My son was in day care at a local church. One day a co-worker ran into the office and screamed "the church is on fire, the church is on fire". Immediately, I ran to the church, where I could see the smoke, the fire, four fire engines and people everywhere. I was in a panic. I lost my shoe, tore my dress and dropped my purse looking for my son. After finding him (Thank God!), I returned to work frazzled and disheveled. When I made it back to my desk, my Boss approached me and said "You left your station without permission. You will be disciplined for this!"
  • #2: After months of hard work, I closed a deal for $7,000,000. My customer bought the equipment because of our strong personal relationship and my company's technical capabilities. Six months later they doubled the order. My Bosses, thinking that they had closed the deal, limited my commission to a fraction of what it should have been. I found a new job and quit. A week later my customer moved the order to my new company.
  • #3: I work part time in a lumberyard which had theft losses. Aha! said management, it must be our thieving employees. Polygraph tests were ordered for every employee. I flatly refused to take the test. Since I was the leading sales person, I was threatened, but not fired. A week later, during a routine, late night drive by the police caught the thief loading a truck with material from the yard. It was the VP who had ordered the lie detector tests.

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