The first time I heard this saying... "If you think education is expensive try ignorance"  I  thought if that doesn't make sense, nothing does. In today's world of social media experts I constantly see and hear ignorance and all I can do sometimes is shake my head. One prime example is all the myths about COVID-19. Where do people get this stuff. Here are my favorite 3 Coronavirus myths as seen on bestlife.
1. Myth: There's a coronavirus vaccine out there.

There is no vaccine for the coronavirus currently available. According to the experts at Johns Hopkins.

2. Myth: COVID-19 was deliberately created and released by people.

As those at Johns Hopkins plainly state,100-percent false. "Occasionally, a disease outbreak happens when a virus that is common in an animal such as a pig, bat, or bird undergoes changes and passes to humans. This is likely how the new coronavirus came to be."

3. Myth: Ordering products from China could give you COVID-19.

COVID-19 is mainly spread through liquid droplets. So while it's technically possible that a product ordered from China could house a virus-infected bit of liquid, the odds of that happening are almost impossible.


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