June 21st is National Selfie day and Boise has some amazing places to take selfies. The issue is that not all selfie's are created equal. I can't tell you how many selfie retakes I've witnessed at Freak Alley, Western Collective and at Strange Love. A lot of the time these retakes end up in more disappointment than not, so today on National Selfie day I'm gonna share 3 tips for the perfect selfie compliments of facetuneapp.com

1. Tilt Something

Angle your phone slightly up, down or to the side or keep your totally phone still and tilt your head slightly. You can also try tilting both your phone and your head, in which case you’ll look rather silly for a few seconds until you nail down your own winning combo of phone + head + tilt. Whatever you do, taking a selfie straight on is probably not going to result in your best shot and it has nothing to do with your beautiful face. Trust me on this.

2. Selfie Eyes Matter 

To take a compelling selfie, focus your eyes on the camera. Directly at the camera, not the phone area in general. If you followed my advice above and wiggled your head and your phone around to find the perfect selfie angle, now you need to freeze, concentrate, and gaze deep into the lens of your smartphone.

3. Try Portrait Mode

Portrait mode focuses on the person in the photo, and defocuses the background – creating a professional look with minimal effort. You can choose from various options, like Natural, Studio, or Contour which add different kinds of light or drama, some even compliment with a touch of skin smoothing. Switch things up and see how your selfie comes out in Portrait mode.


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