I read an article recently that cited a study done about productivity in the workplace and how, according to the results, a 4-day work week could potentially be far more productive for most workers and companies. That made me thing--what would a 3-day weekend be like? Better yet--could we actually be more productive during the week if we had to get all of our duties done in 24-hours less than normal? Maybe procrastination would be less of a thing.

Well, while this isn't status quo for the workplace right now, it IS the new normal for a school district in Colorado where the week will now just be 4-days long. My parents used to tell me that school WAS my job--and to treat it that way. So in a sense, these kids in School District 27J in Colorado will be having a shorter work week.

According to a report, the school district plans to save a lot of money annually for saving on school bus fuel (no buses running on Monday's) and they hope this entices teacher retention, as well. Some parents have concerns that they will need to find child care for that day that would normally be a school day. Certainly, there are pro's and con's to everything but this school district in particular feels there are far more advantages.

How would you feel if this change was made here in the Treasure Valley? Would you be excited, or do you feel 5-days is the way to go in the classroom?

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