Today, Monday, August 20th is the beginning of a whole new week! This could be the week everything changes for you. Maybe you'll find that perfect job you've always wanted. Maybe you'll find the love of your life. Regardless of what will (or won't) happen this week, your attitude has a lot to do with what will come your way. Here are some tips that I've learned to help start the week with a positive attitude. Some may be cheesy, but they do help me with my personal struggles.

Go into this week realizing that in the end, everything will be ok:

I find myself stressing out about the future. "What am I not doing to be where I want to be in 5-10 or 20 years?" "What if I mess up?" "How will I pay my bills?" The anxiety this question creates is enormous. I'm only now starting to see that this is so unnecessary. You must start realizing your power, talent, and potential. Take a deep breath, your a valued rockstar and in the end, life will work out fine.

Start your day off with a win:

I've practiced this a few times and think it could be meaningful. As soon as you wake up, accomplish something, no matter how big or small the task. Wake up 10 min earlier, hit the gym, meal prep, watch an inspirational video. It doesn't matter what it is, just complete a task! If you can win the first hour of the day, you will be able to win the entire day.

Let the small stuff go:

This sounds obvious but really needs to be focused on, at least with me personally. How many times does something upset you throughout the week? Maybe somebody posted something you don't agree with on social media, or you got cut off in traffic. Did somebody talk to you in a way you didn't like and so you feel disrespected? What if you could find a way to get 50% less upset throughout the week? Would that translate into you being a 50% happier person? Force yourself to "not sweat the small stuff". Let things go. I'm naturally a person that fights fire with fire when I should have been fighting fire with water.

It's ok to not be ok:

This one is tough yet perhaps the most important when it comes to having a positive attitude. How many times have you been depressed, angry, hurt, sad or just all around in a negative mood, then, the inner voice in your head starts screaming at you saying "it's wrong to feel the way you feel"? Now, you feel even more down because your own brain is telling you that your feelings aren't valid. It's like a depressing snowball that keeps getting bigger and bigger as the day goes on. I challenge you to try and embrace how you feel, figure it out, learn from it, accept it. We live in a social media world where we only see the happiness and positives of others when, in reality, sometimes life sucks, and sometimes we don't feel great about it, and that's ok.

Look, as I'm getting older and I'm learning more about myself and the person I am. I'm starting to realize life's battle is fought with nobody else but myself. The struggle comes from within. We have so much power over our lives, thoughts, and feelings, but we give that power to other people. Today realize YOU have the power in your life. You have the power over your attitude. You have the power over your won happiness. Take it, use it, own it.

Have a good week!

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