Welcome to Idaho, our fair state is rich in history including native, basque and french influences. The fact that we have a bit of everything gives us very unique town names and while the locals may find these easy to pronounce and very much second nature, visitors are usually taken for a loop when they hear these names. Here are 5 of the most commonly mispronounced city names in Idaho.

Boise (BOY-see)

There is no "Z" in Boise. Boy- See... like you see boys... but backwards ( maybe this isn't helping). It's the Capitol of Idaho make an effort to get it right.

Coeur d’Alene (kore-duh-LANE )

The most common misconception about this northern town is that the KKK is based there. They do have a compound outside of town but that's neither here or there. I just love that "duh" is within the name.

Weiser (WEE-zur)

Pronunced like the 90's pop alternative band Weezer. Fun fact part of the Napolean Dynamite was filmed in Weiser, Idaho.


Kuna (KYOO-nuh)

I also like to think of it as Q-nah. Off the beaten path just enough, my 3 favorite things in Kuna are Enrique's Mexican Restaurant, Indian Creek Winery and Swan Falls Dam.


Buhl (BYOO-ull)

Kinda like Bull but not really... Buhl has views... As a matter of fact the views of the Snake river are Amazing. The other must see is Balance rock, over 48 feet tall and weighing in at over 40 tons it wilL have you saying... BUHL-TAH-FULL

Now that you know how to pronounce the names and a little about these great Idaho towns get out and explore them.


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