Idaho is America's fastest-growing state in the country. Folks continue to flock to our state in search of the American Dream. Native Idahoans seem to have a good chuckle when newcomers arrive in Idaho with their preconceived misconceptions. The Gem State is not for everyone, but those that find a home here pledge never to leave their newfound 'Private Idaho.'


If you're new to Idaho, do you remember the first time you considered moving here? Did you have any strange ideas on what Idaho was like? Did the state surprise you or disappoint you based on your research before moving here? In honor of Idaho's popularity, we've compiled a list of the five most famous myths about our beloved Gem State. We hope you enjoy all of them.

5 Myths About Idaho That Most Americans Believe Are True

We set the record straight on some unflattering misconceptions about the Gem State.

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