Wizards, witches and muggles alike are all excited to hear the music from Harry Potter live at The Morrison Center.

Why stop at Harry Potter?

I'm a huge fan of music scores. Be it movies, TV, musicals, or video games, a score can take a scene to a higher level of impact. Many times, I'll find myself remembering not the scene that I watched, but the music behind it.

The score for the Harry Potter series is fantastic. Composed by John Williams (Jurassic Park, Star Wars, E.T.) it truly sounds and feels like the soundtrack to a wizarding world. I'm sure the Boise Philharmonic will knock it out of the park performing the songs live.

After Potter, what other scores should the Boise Phil tackle? Here's my vote:


#5 - Interstellar

- Film -

Haunting yet peaceful, the music from Interstellar (composed by Hans Zimmer) is almost bigger than the movie itself. Being that Interstellar is a massive movie both in scope and feel, that's a huge accomplishment.


#4 - Neverending Story

- Film -

Yes, I know it's old, but this movie is awesome! Two seconds into the score and you're immediately a little kid again.


#3 - Red Dead Redemption

- Video Game -

From the same guys who made the Grand Theft Auto series, Red Dead Redemption takes us back to the wild west in the early 1900's. Even if you've never seen a western (I include myself in that statement), the soundtrack transports you back to a time when all you needed to settle a dispute was a few paces and a revolver.


#2 - Back To The Future

- Film -

Composed by Alan Silvestri, it just doesn't get any better than this on the big screen. Action! Adventure! Romance! Hoverboards! This soundtrack is timeless. All over the overly dramatic scores in modern movies could really learn something from the music accompanying Marty McFly's time traveling escapades.


#1 - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

- Video Game -

I've been playing video games my entire life, and this very well may be the best game soundtrack I've ever heard. Constantly I'll catch myself listening to this while working, trying to sleep, or even walking the dog. Jeremy Soule's work on this epic fantasy game is, in my opinion, untouched by other video game scores. Seriously, even if you're not into video games, give this a listen. It will move you.


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