Meghan Trainor blesses the Ford Idaho Center Thursday night, and you don't want to be the only person at the show who isn't singing along!

Here's the top five M-Train songs you need to be up on for the show:

#5 - Lips Are Movin

While not Trainor's biggest hit, it still has that catchy 'All About That Bass' feel and it's the perfect singalong.

#4 - Like I'm Gonna Lose You

Meghan recruited crooner John Legend for her only ballad to be released as a single thus far. Trainor isn't normally known for serious love songs, but this one hits the heart.

#3 - Me Too

"If I was you, I'd wanna be me too." Trainor's cockiness is at its cutest here.

#2 - NO

Meghan trying to pull off early 2000's Destiny's Child was a hit straight out of the gate. While it hasn't hit the ceiling that 'All About That Bass' did, it very well may be her best song to date.

#1 - All About That Bass

1,400,000,000 views on Youtube. One of the biggest pop songs of all time. And it's only a few years old. This is the one that put Meghan Trainor on the map as a killer solo artist.

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