Man, the Mega Millions is at a record high. And just like most people, I find myself daydreaming, thinking about the "what if" of winning $548 million. I'm a pretty simple guy so I don't think I would do anything too crazy. But this interesting thought popped into my head. What if you could only spend the money on or for things that people from Idaho would understand? What would you do? What could you buy? As my mind started racing, this is what I came up with.

1) I would buy everyone dinner at Barbacoa. Definitely my favorite restaurant in the city. And with 548 Million dollars, I think I could splurge and make sure everyone in the state has a good dinner. Have you tasted the Hot Rock?

2) Rent out the Governors Mansion and turn it into a night club. The club would be named "The Otter" where the employees would have to dress up as otters (The animal, not the person)

3) Change the name of Camel's Back Park to "The Big Bump". I know this is random, but why not?!?! I have the money!

4) Pay the Rocky Johnson band to follow me around 24/7 and narrate my life through song. EPIC

5) Vehicle Swap. I would make everyone that lives in the North-end trade their Subaru's for BIG gas-guzzling trucks, while making everyone in KUNA trade their gas-guzzling trucks for Subaru's. Why?!?! Because I'm rich and that's something only people from Idaho would understand.


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