Why does one of the nation's most popular shows on television resonate so well with Idahoans? The television series Yellowstone has surprised many folks on Madison Avenue that predicted the age of the television Western had passed.

28 Breathtaking Pictures from TV's Yellowstone Ranch

This popular show is filmed within driving distance from the Treasure Valley, and now fans can see what it's like to live like a Dutton by staying at the Yellowstone. Some lucky fans from around the country have been able to stay there recently, and their pictures are amazing. Special thanks to Dr. Peter Kozlowski, Hannah Boon, and Chief Joseph Ranch for allowing me to use these photos.

There are several reasons why Idahoans can't get enough of Kevin Costner's newest creation. The show is about family. In Idaho, family is one of if not the most important value to folks in the Gem State. We see families getting together for picnics, ballgames, and the occasional night out.

The Dutton family is a ranching family. Unlike other states, cattlemen and their ranches are prominent in Idaho. You don't have to travel outside the Treasure Valley to see cattle roaming the fields. You don't have to leave some treasure valley cities to see the cows grazing throughout the day and night.  

John Dutton and his kin are involved in Montana politics. Like Montana, Idaho is a big state with a small population. Most Idahoans are politically active, and it shows in voter participation. It's not unusual to read about high voter turnouts for state and national elections. Like Yellowstone, a small state means you have access to elected officials. It's not that difficult to meet a member of Congress, senator, or governor.

The Yellowstone Ranch is a small business that generates local jobs. Small businesses employ the majority of Idahoans in the Gem State. Idaho's small businesses are a unique, diverse group, from farmers to tech startups.  

Everyone on the show drives a big pickup truck. Not everyone in Idaho drives a pickup truck, but it sure does seem like it, especially if you're in a sedan.

Yellowstone Characters if They Were Towns in Idaho

What You Need to Know About Yellowstone Season 5:



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