A six foot alligator caught in Nampa... yeah right, that has to be a typo. If it's not a typo you can add it to the list of shenanigans that 2020 has graciously shared with us. Believe it or not it happened and it's such a rare sighting that USA Today covered the story. Cpl. Tonna Marek, of the Nampa Police Department in Idaho, was sure the suspected alligator was going to be a pool toy but to his surprise he got to see the real deal upon arriving at the scene.

"I’ve never seen an alligator. One of the guys that was on the call with me has been here for almost 25 years and we both laughed last night, saying every day you see or learn something new," said Marek in the USA Today interview.

Nampa police tweeted

“We sometimes herd cows, horses, occasionally deal w/deer and even a moose last year. “This is Nampa, IDAHO not Tampa, FLORIDA, but we found ourselves helping Idaho Fish & Game on this call last night,”  “But a 6’ alligator? In Nampa? This was a first,”

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