Believe it or not, the longest snow tubing run is NOT the Pepsi Goldrush Tubing Hill at Bogus Basin. 

Don't get us wrong. Bogus's tubing hill is AWESOME and being able to get to it in under an hour is super convenient if you want to take a day trip to play in the snow. 800 feet is pretty respectable when it comes to a tubing hill. But if you're judging how epic a tubing ride is by the length of the run? It's nowhere near the top of the list in Idaho!

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In fact, the longest tubing run in the state is an even shorter drive from Downtown Boise. Most tubing hills brag about how long their runs are on their website, but we couldn't find the specs for Gateway Parks at Eagle Island so we reached out to them on Facebook for the details. It turns out that when they're completely built out they have the longest tubing run in the entire state of Idaho!

Just how long is it and how much does it topple #2 by? Scroll through our official rankings to find out!

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