You know, as someone who is relatively new to the beautiful state of Idaho, I can firmly attest that I did in fact experience a culture shock. Coming from the state of Texas has been nothing short of an eye-opener with everything I’ve heard about Idaho out the window. It doesn’t feel like anywhere else I’ve ever traveled to and I genuinely feel like there’s something new about being here that I fall in love with every day. So much so that I have been excited as of late to share my journey on social media just like most people get excited to do. Unfortunately, there seems to be a strong misconception about Idaho from people in my former home state. This has me thinking that Texas can’t be the only one with false beliefs floating around about the Gem State, so I’m going to share with you: actual text messages of questions I’ve been asked about Idaho.

I’m going to leave out the names and numbers so no one feels called out (and because I like my job), but this is an educational exercise! This will be fun, let’s get into it.

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