According to Bloomberg, Idaho is home to over 130 soakable hot springs. These are seven that are an extremely doable day trip from the Treasure Valley. 

Before you pull out your pitchforks and start yelling at us "now that everyone knows, they'll all be destroyed" we want you to take a deep breath. This isn't THAT type of list. Seeing the way visitors have trashed places like Kirkham Hot Springs near Lowman, breaks our hearts.

That sort of bad behavior is what lead the Bureau of Land Management to order the closure of Skinny Dipper Hot Springs in 2016. The closure was supposed to be revisited in 2021 to see if the area could safely reopen, but there's no plan to do so right now.

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We're not sure why the principles of "Leave No Trace" are so difficult for some, so this is NOT a list of natural hot springs accessible on public land. This is a list for people who simply want to go soak, unwind and relax without having to put on hiking boots.

All seven of these places are commercial hot springs resorts or retreats that operate as small businesses not too far from Boise. There's a lot of pride that goes into making these pools welcoming for visitors!

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