Every city has a haunted place or two but when I started looking into "Real" haunted spaces in and around Boise I was shocked at how many places have residents from the after life. All of these places have interesting stories behind them and with the help of www.hauntedplaces.org I will highlight them in the my next THREE post.


We all think this is the ideal place to see ghost but this is no joke. www.hauntedplaces.org says... the many unmarked graves here help to fuel the reasoning for the haunts here. According to reports, most often seen are the spirits of children and a woman, who has also been seen at a nearby school.


According to www.hauntedplaces.org If you like spirits then this is the place for you then a cave is where you want to be. Pete’s Tavern, with its back room called the Cave, is famous for its spirits — the paranormal kind. Recordings inside the Cave have turned up 4 different disembodied voices: a grumbly older man, a female with a Southern accent, a whispering female, and a young man. Witnesses say the spirits may touch you, whisper in your ear or play with your hair.

Happy Halloween, to be continued in part 3.



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