Idaho is the forgotten state of the United States. We are often confused with Iowa (Really though? There is nothing there) or Ohio (Again, really?). I mean even in the show 'The West Wing' every major disaster happened in our state. Don't believe me check it. But, we are pretty bad ass state for two reasons. We are nestled in the Pacific Northwest.


Secondly, we are tougher than any other state. Here are our reasons. If you can think of more reasons and them below.

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    We Have Iron Lungs

    Every summer we have to deal with the forrest fires in our state and our surrounding states since we are all fire prone. We have adjusted and now we all walk around with iron lungs. Also for the brave few we have one of the hardest Half Marathons in the nation with The Race to Robie Creek. Half the race is uphill and half of it is downhill. No mercy. So yea, Iron lungs baby.

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    We Have Tough Skin

    There are a lot of places that say if wait 10 minutes the weather will change. Now I can say for a fact I have sen some strange things in Boise. Just the other day we had a super nice mid 60's day and then 6 o'clock at night hail storm with hail the size of golfballs. Plain nuts. Oh and the month of July never gets below 90. Ever.  So we have developed some thick skin here for any type of weather.

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    We Are Prepped For A Zombie Apacolyps

    We are almost ranked in magazines and articles as one of the healthiest/fittest states. We have some of the best trails in the nation and we also have some of the roughest rivers in the world.  So we are prepped/trained for a post apocalyptic situation.

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    We Are On the Verge of A Slow Death

    Since we live right next to the Yellowstone National Park, home of the super volcano we are ready for death at any moment. Unlike Wyoming which will be immediately blown to pieces, we will die slowly from the ash and smoke, but we ain't afraid we've known bout this our whole lives. Bring it on Mother Nature.

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    We Have Some of The Hardest Jobs

    We have Smoke Jumpers, loggers, lumberjacks, farmers, Firefighters. The list of tough occupations prevalent in Idaho is long. Without these people working these tough jobs, Idaho would be a bunch a wimps. Thankfully we're not.

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    We are Hunters and Gatherers

    Hunting and fishing is huge out here. We have some of the best fishing in the nation. You can get any type of fish you want and we have some great elk, deer, a rare moose here or there. But one thing we have to be careful of is the wolf population. Those bastards are every where and you gots to be careful.

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    We're Always Drinking.

    Just in the Treasure Valley (the greater Boise Area) alone we have 20+ microbreweries, roughly 10 wineries and the nations first distillery restaurant with Bardenay. Imagine the rest of the state. We love our alcohol here in Idaho and you'll learn how to deal with us.

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    We Don't Give Up On Dreams

    We have some awesome history and start-ups. Idaho invented the television. Your welcome world. Philo Farnsworth created the first functioning television, and held over 300 patents. We also have Simplot which is the potato is laymen's terms the Potato king of the world. We also created Albertsons and Prof Eyewear. Also we are home to Aaron Paul, Nikki Six, Gregory "Pappy" Boyington.

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