The football season is over for many programs in the country and winding down for even more of them. Sure, one game remains--it's bowl season! However it is beginning to feel more and more like bowl season isn't what it once was.

Players that are transferring or going on to the NFL can no decide they want to sit out of their final game in the post season to save themselves for their next chapter. While we can respect the strategy, it's hard to imagine playing so many games all year long with a group of men that are as close as family--only to bench yourself as the season reaches its peak.

While Boise State navigates what their bowl game is going to look like (starting quarterback Taylen Green won't be playing due to entering the transfer portal), many fans are already hyping up 2024 before the 2023 season is even over! Why? Ashton Jeanty.

Many experts believed that the all-star running back would be leaving Boise State. The stud led the entire nation in rushing yards from the line of scrimmage this year--yes, the entire nation. Major programs all over the country wanted him--and just this week he announced that he's in Boise to stay!

The hype is SO real, fans are already shouting 'HEISMAN'.

Only one Boise State player has made it as far as the Heisman ceremony: Kellen Moore.

You may recall that pre-season, the University of Oregon was running full page ads for Bo Nix's Heisman campaign. Should Boise State fire up something similar? Fans are already saying YES!

Time will tell how 2024 goes and being on a winning and dominant team plays a role in how seriously he'll be looked at, no matter his stats.

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