Idaho is infamous for potatoes. Like it or not, we're eternally tied to the lil' spud. We just can't get away from it.

This story is only going to make that bond stronger.

First, a little history on tater tots. Trust us. Tater tots were originally created in Oregon by two brothers from Idaho. This will be important to know in a moment.

Kraft Heinz Co (The food company that makes a ton of stuff besides ketchup) is selling its food processing plant. Which just so happens to be in Ontario. Said plant is being sold to J.R. Simplot Co, based in Boise.

A spokesperson from Simplot had this to say:

The Ore-Ida brand is well-known and loved in the frozen potato industry, and combining this brand with Simplot’s experience in processing and distribution will benefit all parties involved. It’s exciting for us to connect the ‘Ore’ back with the ‘Ida.’

A spokesperson from Kraft also chimed in:

Ore-Ida is an iconic part of the Kraft Heinz portfolio, and we believe this strategic agreement will help us continue to grow the brand while also bringing new innovation in frozen potatoes to the market. This strategic agreement will not change Ore-Ida products. Consumers can expect to get the same high-quality, great-tasting potato products that they’ve always enjoyed.

We've got to wonder. Are tater tots going to taste better now that they've got more Idaho in them? We just hope the recipe doesn't change, because at 3:15 a.m. when you get home from the bar, flavor matters.

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