You may recall about a month ago I wrote that I had a serious case of buyers remorse--yeah, I had finally purchased the Apple Watch I swore that I wouldn't need.

Well, I challenged myself after the purchase because literally every time I buy something for myself, I regret it.  I said before I jumped to hating my decision, I would wear the watch every for a month and THEN decide if it's something I really need, want, or would use.

I'm a month in and I've got to admit: I absolutely LOVE this thing. Yes, the technology is sweet and I like being able to see what's on my phone from across the office, or without pulling it out of my pocket mid-meeting.  It's the accountability that I've loved the most, however.

Kekeluv and I synced up out watches like we are in middle school all over again and it's become a competition to "close all three rings" each day-- the watch wants you to stand enough, move enough, and exercise enough, per the goals you set for yourself.  I love seeing how many calories I'm burning while I'm at the gym so I know where I'm at for the day. In fact--if there's a day I CAN'T close all 3 of my rings...I get pretty upset.

Even if the step count and calorie counts aren't 100% accurate--a BALLPARK of knowing and a DRIVE to reach that goal-- it really changes your mind set.

Have a chance to grab an Apple Watch? I say-- do it. There are a ton for sale even on Facebook Marketplace from people who don't like theirs, a little cheaper than the off-the-shelf price.

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