There's a new way to drink beer in Boise! Tap Tokens let's you explore local breweries and get discounts on craft beer right here in the Treasure Valley.


Download and subscribe to immediately receive your free 7-day trial subscription. Use the location finder to see breweries near you, then pick your beer choices from their tap list in the app. Ask your bartender to redeem the offer... just enjoy your cold one.

Each month you'll get two Tokens to redeem at each participating brewery.

Subscribe to Tap Tokens for less than $5 a month to get two Tokens at EVERY brewery in our network to use during the month. Get your friends to subscribe to TapTokens... because beer is better when it’s shared!

Artisanal Beer Brewers Find Growing Niche In Berlin
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So say that there are 10 breweries in your city, that means you get tokens worth 20 free beers each month... that’s $150 worth of the best local craft beer Boise has to offer, for a mere $5 a month. So download and subscribe, grab your friends, and get out there and visit your neighborhood breweries!

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