Andrades Restaurante Mexicano is described as an upbeat cantina turning out homestyle Mexican cuisine & margaritas in an airy, wood-accented space located at

4903 W Overland Rd #4903, Boise, ID 83705. The truth of the matter is that Andrade's is a more than that, Andrade's is a place that is willing to give back to the community in these uncertain times. Andrade's is offering a free meal to families with kids that rely on free school lunches. I salute the ownership and employees at Andrade's, well done the universe will pay you back 10 fold. Here is their Facebook post.    

We are here to help❤️If you have lost your job due to covid19, if your kids rely on free school lunches, please give us a call. We would like to provide a free meal to your family. You are not alone.

Please share and help us get our message out to those who need it now. Thank you

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