Amid a global health crisis, the State of Idaho and Governor Brad Little were in the middle of a political agenda that had nothing to do with our health. The legislature passed and Governor Brad Little signed a law that prohibits transgender athletes from competing in sports consistent with gender identity.

When the law was passed--it made noise. Several states across the country have discussed this idea. Only Idaho, after Governor Brad Little's signature, had passed it into law. The new laws had folks from both sides of the political isle all over our nation talking and now, The American Civil Liberties Union has announced they're taking action.

The two laws signed by Governor Little prohibit transgender athletes from competing in sports consistent with their gender identity and prohibits trans people from changing the listed sex on their birth certificates.

19-year-old Boise State student Lindsay Hecox, who will be unable to participate in the Cross Country season this fall because of the laws, along side the entire transgender community in the State of Idaho, is who the ACLU will be fighting on behalf.

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