Boise State football is more relevant than it has been all season--and it isn't for the best of reasons. On Sunday, November 12th news broke on a national level that Boise State had fired head coach Andy Avalos after a blowout win on The Blue the night prior.

Rumors quickly began swirling about what may have happened to lead to the change and this afternoon, Athletic Director Jeramiah Dickey spoke out on the change.

As expected, he was vague-- most notably, Dickey noted that once his mind, his heart, and his gut aligned on a decision, there was no 'unseeing' that and it needed to be done. No further insight into what led to the firing were shared.

At one point, Dickey did confirm that there is already a 'short list' of candidates for the job. He did not share any names.

Here's a look at a 'short list' that many fans are dreaming of for the program:

Boise State's Potential Coaching Hires

Here's a look at some names that you can expect to fly around as the next hire for Boise State's football program. The last name is a clear favorite...

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Which of these coaches might you like to see lead Boise State?

The short list can certainly be fluid and we will continue to monitor the rumor mill for any legitimate information. One thing that Dickey made clear was that while ties to Boise State is a special trait--it is not a necessity for the next head coach. Many expect Dickey, an 'outsider', will bring in new blood.

When asked about the hiring process this time around, Dickey said "I know enough to be dangerous".

There's no denying that a rebuild is in order. Even as a bowl season looms in question, this season isn't the first that the program was been 'down'--it's been a while since Boise State was the premiere non-power program. Rebuilding starts today.

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