It's never a headline that you want to read or see--a local business closing it's doors. Sometimes, that's just how it goes.

Boisee is growing, changing, and evolving quicker than a lot of places around the nation and with that, of course, will come new businesses and concerts while others leave.

Lots of banter online is circulating about the latest 'closure announcement' -- this time, in downtown Boise.

Bodovino has announced that this Saturday, July 13th, will be their last day open for business.

Here's a closer look at what we're going to be missing in Downtown Boise so much!

A Look At Downtown Boise's 'Departing' Bodovino

We're going to miss having this gem in downtown's BoDo!

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

Will you miss enjoying wine and sushi at Bodovino downtown, too?

While it's sad to see them go--the Meridian location will remain open.

Perhaps this news isn't so 'grim', though. It appears Bodovino has a plan for what's new and up next.

As many have commented online that they're heartbroken over the news--Bodovino has made clear to everyone that we need to 'stay tuned for something new'. It seems this closure is by design and we can't wait to see what's next, and it's clearly endorsed by our beloved Bodovino.

Wanting to visit one last time this week? The deals are worth it, as Bodovino is offering 50% off all Wines, Sake, and Beer!

We're really going to miss having Bodovino in downtown Boise but we're thankful to hear that the Meridian location, inside of The Village, will still be open! This isn't the first time that we lost a business that we loved this year--here's a look at some of our other favorites that shut their doors: 

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