The Albertsons's Boise Open is a huge party that consist of three nights of concerts. Oh yeah somewhere in there is a golf tournament where it's rumored that some decent golf is played but I cannot confirm or deny that since I've never actually witnessed the golf part of the Open. This years line up looked like this until Wednesday when one of the bands was forced to pull out due to COVID-19.

  • Thursday – Old Dominion – Approx 7:30pm
  • Friday – REO Speedwagon – Approx 7:30pm
  • Saturday – Sammy Hagar & The Circle – Approx 7:00pm

"We will regrettably need to cancel our upcoming show in Boise, Idaho. Once everyone affected observes the recommended quarantine, tests negative, and feels up to it, we’ll be back on the road again! Stay safe & get vaccinated everyone!" Said the band in a statement.

While it is not clear if it's one of the actual band members or the crew that works behind the scenes that got sick, the good news is that the affected persons were not seriously impacted.

The statement continued "Unfortunately, while we have been practicing CDC and locally recommended COVID-19 protocols on tour, members of the REO touring family tested positive for COVID-19. Fortunately, everyone was vaccinated, so only experienced mild symptoms and are recovering more and more every day."  

If you purchased tix and were dead set on watching REO Speedwagon perform you can get a refund at the Albertson's Boise open site. Sammy Hagar & The Circle who are scheduled to perform on Saturday will now be performing Friday and Saturday nights.


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