Albertsons is bringing the convenience of meal subscription services to their stores. Pick up a meal kit that is from the most popular subscription companies. Grab the box instead of shopping for each ingredient. It's all there! 

I've tried a couple of food subscription services and I loved them. The only reason I don't have it all the time is because I don't have it in the budget to keep my subscription current. I opted for three days a week and that made sense for our family. It also allowed us to have dinner out or do events or whatever was coming up.

I wish I had it in me (the motivation and the go-getter attitude) to meal prep. That's basically what a meal subscription service is: They prep. If we could have both the meal prep and the subscription service without having to commit, wouldn't that be great?

I sound like an infomercial but this is freaking cool.

In comes Albertsons who reached into their pockets to get a hold of Plated.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Plated will become a subsidiary of Albertsons and customers will soon be able to purchase a rotating selection of meals from the startup for delivery or pickup from the nearest location of the grocery store chain.

I already make a bee-line to the produce section at Albertsons to get the already chopped veggies for fajitas and stew. Being able to pick up a perfectly-portioned meal with a recipe or have it delivered to my house makes me want to cry I'm so happy.

You can make fun of me all you want but nobody is paying me to say this - try it and tell me if it doesn't bring a tear to your eye.

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