Amazon is looking to hired hundreds and even Boise residents are invited to apply.  No, there's no need to relocate to Seattle or anywhere else because many of these positions posted are flexible: you can work from home!

Maybe you're looking for a job, a second job, or a side hustle...this could be for you! Amazon of course is quickly becoming one of the largest companies (and most successful, by the way) in the United States and even the world.  If you check out their jobs site, there are currently over 250 open positions that are "virtual" or "work from home".

You should know as you look into these--not all are Full-Time. In fact, just two of them are. But this could be a really great part-time opportunity for someone looking to get back into the work force or just make some money on the side.  I know when I was going to college, I at one point held three jobs to make ends meet-- I wish one of them would have been at home!

Check out their job listings, HERE.

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