I remember as a kid staying up to watch American Idol because it was just the thing to do. Now, being someone that loved music--it was a great show! Then again, being someone that has never cared to sing: it certainly wasn't relatable. That's why as the show went on, I really stopped watching. Who, in the shows prime, didn't love those audition episodes? The ones where people that were terrible singers would get ripped to shreds by Simon Cowell? Those are the ones I lived for.  Once the show was full of good singers, I kind of stopped watching (until next season, of course).

I DO remember David Archuleta, however. The little guy with a big voice that everyone compared to Chicken Little. I found the video and put it up above, but while he didn't win the whole thing in the end--I don't even remember the guy that did! It seems David Archuleta has done a better job of keeping a name up for himself and that same guy will be right here in the Treasure Valley on Monday, April 8th.

The show is at the Egyptian Theatre in downtown Boise and tickets are on sale now! Want to see Chicken Little...I mean...an American Idol super star? Click HERE for tickets.

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