I've had my fair share of pups along the way and as much as I miss having a companion when the house is completely quiet, I hesitate to get a dog because I know that I don't spend as much time as I think someone who has a dog should spend at home. My point is that I obviously care about dogs and when I see dogs being neglected it gets under my skin because I feel like having a dog is a commitment and If someone can't commit to caring for them properly then they shouldn't have a dog.

Yes I'm going to share what got under my skin. I've seen dogs ride in the back of pick-up trucks many times however this morning I saw a dog fall out of the back of a truck when the owner had to swerve in order to avoid an accident. It was horrible, the driver missed the potential accident however the dog bounced off the pavement and immediately ran into the middle of the street. Cars slammed on their brakes in order not to hit the poor thing which was clearly shocked and disoriented.

The entire episode was a tragedy and it made me wonder why there are no laws in regards to dogs riding in the back of trucks? Should dog owners be mandated to tie their dogs up whole riding in a pick-up or does that just lead do dogs basically hanging themselves? As a dog owner do you think laws should be put into place? If so, which law would you like to see go on the books first?



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