You can’t talk about Treasure Valley food without talking about one of its main staples in fry sauce. There’s arguably no greater condiment to pair with a French fry. Sure, one could argue ketchup but ketchup isn’t even loyal to French fries. Ketchup is that condiment that kind of hangs out with everyone but doesn’t really know itself. Before we get to the glory that is fry sauce, can we even trust ketchup? For a while, ketchup didn’t even know who it was as it struggled with the infamous “catsup identity crisis.”

With fry sauce, we know exactly what’s supposed to happen. Not only is it in the name, but the flavor pairs perfectly with a golden crispy French fry. We took to social media to find out where the best fry sauce is in Treasure Valley and the locals didn’t disappoint!

Who Has the Most Mouthwatering Fry Sauce in the Treasure Valley?

We took to Facebook to get your picks for the places with the most flavorful fry sauce in the Treasure Valley. Who are you going with?

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