The convenience of buying baby clothes, steaks, guns, and ammo all under the same roof may now become a thing of the past as Fred Myer announced late yesterday evening that they would join the growing list of retailers that will start phasing out the sale of guns and ammunition in its stores.

In a news release issued late Friday, the company said it decided last week to "responsibly phase out" sales after looking at the preferences of customers and taking into account that Fred Meyer had already been trying to cut back on the firearms category during the past several years because of weakening consumer demand.

Fred Meyer Aisles

This is news to me, mostly because I wasn't even aware Fred Myer sold gun's or ammunition(I spend most of my time in the children's section scoping out deals for Phoenyx). Although some people may see this as an attack on their second amendment rights, I believe the store has the right to choose which products they wish to sell. It's documented that gun and ammo sales only account for 7 million dollars worth of revenue and that number has been steadily decreasing.

Here are a few facts about the announcement via KTVB:

  • The chain has already been "cutting back" the sale of firearms and ammo the last few years because of decreased sales and customer demand.
  • The decision to responsibility phase out the sale of firearms is in part influenced by the mass shooting at Stoneman Douglass high school in Florida.
  • Kroger which is Fred Myers parent company had previously said that it was joining Walmart and Dick's Sporting Goods to limit gun and ammunition sales to people 21 and older.

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