Growth on growth on growth--that's what our city is seeing these days.

It seems you can't drive a mile in this town of ours without seeing some form of construction, be it road expansions, bike lane additions, or new business structures. As someone who has grown up here, it's difficult for me to NOT be excited about this. Yeah, I get the argument that too much growth could take away our city's charm but I just feel like Boise's culture runs too deep for that charm to ever go away.

If you drive downtown often, you're familiar with the new hotels that keep popping up and yes, another one has been announced as approved by Boise City Council.

The new hotel, a seven-story Home2 Suites by Hilton, will be in the heart of downtown Boise on Front Street, right between 5th Street and 6th Street.

More hotel rooms means more events can come into our town, like sporting events and concerts, all of which I am sure many Boisean's would love to see!

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