Are pre-season expectations getting out of hand? Or, is it just that the experts know what they're talking about and Boise State is really just going to be THAT good this season.

It has always been a theme for Boise State--ignore the polls, ignore the media, take things one game at a time. The fans, the critics, and the nation seems to love Boise State's cinderella story and it seems THIS year could be one for the books.

Yes, another pre-season poll is out and Boise State is ranked high...very high. The Yahoo Sports poll has the boys in blue coming in at #14 in the nation. You may recall a couple of weeks ago I let you know that Boise State was ranked #22 in the coaches pre-season poll...Yahoo Sports has a LOT more confidence in this teams strength and as a fan myself--I love that.

The poll notes that Boise State has only lost 1 single defensive starter since last year and has an offense led by Brett Rypien (a fourth year starter).

Read more from Yahoo Sports HERE.

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