What exactly is going on in the Treasure Valley? Are we that starved for fast food that we don't have time for the drive-through? Boise is known for its safety but is the odd's of you getting hurt by a vehicle when you're in a restaurant increasing?

On Sunday, I was driving downtown to get my SUV. I enjoyed the St.Patrics day festivities downtown and of course took an Uber home. When we passed the Subway on State Street across from the YMCA I had to do a double take. A car was sticking out of the storefront. Of course, I had to post the pictures right away. Thankfully nobody got hurt.


Fast forward to Monday night, and I just saw KTVB report of another vehicle hitting the storefront of a restaurant.

Luckily, no children were injured when a car slammed into the kids' play area of the Carl's Jr. at 4999 Glenwood St. on Monday afternoon.
The crash happened at around 2:46 p.m.

It's important to stress no injuries were reported. Police are conducting an investigation but that begs the question, why are all these cars crashing into fast food restaurants?

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