I'm going to start this off by saying that I entirely understand this is not a news article. So before anyone accuses me of being one-sided to "too opinionated", I'll warmly welcome the claims. Because it's true.  Then again, if you're reading this, you probably won't be attacking me in the Facebook comments for a headline with no context.

Now I've got to ask: why?

I am opinionated on the one-sided  view that human life and human health are important.

How was that for a buzzword-loaded sentence?  I don't see how anyone could advocate for a side other than that?

WHY are people so passionate about refusing to wear masks--which may well protect their neighbor even just a little bit more than not wearing one and WHY must it be so controversial? It's getting out of hand.

While scrolling through Twitter over the weekend I began to see the grumblings of issues that a small group of anti-mask activists were causing. Various downtown stores and employees were sharing that for no reason other than to cause some commotion, individuals were going into businesses, unmasked, and trying to argue with employees.

What needle does this move?

I feel awful for the poor employees of these businesses that were just at work, doing their jobs and earning their livings while this group of individuals had nothing better to do on a Saturday afternoon.  According to the Boise Police Department, 19 calls were received about these protestors.

Idaho's News Channel 7 also reported on an incident at Dragonfly in downtown Boise, including video footage that you can see HERE.

We're all on the same team, people. Don't like a rule at a business? Don't go. Can't we just take small steps that MIGHT help our neighbor? Seems pretty selfless to me.

Is this where I say "end rant"?

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