So no shame here-- I was working from home yesterday afternoon and I fell asleep. Laptop on my chest at all. If my guess is any sort of accurate, I was passed out on my living room couch for two hours before I woke up to my car staring at me, my Mac sliding towards my face and a loud growl from outside.

I like to have my windows open when I'm at home, so the storm that was happening outside was NOT quiet by any means. In fact, the thunder that rolled through Southeast Boise was some of the loudest I've heard in our area in quite a while. The rain was pouring down too-- so I had to shut my windows.

Not an hour later, as per typical Boise weather, the skies were clear again and this giant arch of colors, that after further research, was caused by refraction from the light of the sun formed over the Treasure Valley.


Ok ok, I get it. It was pretty. But Boise, have we never seen one of these things before!? Pictures of the rainbow dominated all of my friend's social media (and I mean all platforms). Some areas saw a double rainbow while only one was visible from my house.  SO...since yes, I got tired of seeing it but also yes..there were some awesome shots...check out some of the best photos I found online of yesterdays storm aftermath.

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