When we were kids, staying after school meant getting in some extra band practice, maybe running through a few games with the chess club, or just staying a few extra hours until mom or dad could pick you up from work.

In 2022, things are a little different. Kids are spending their time after school at a "After School Satan Club," and as you might've guessed, there are some concerns.

A school in Virginia had an after-school Christian club promoted to parents by the school principal. Some folks didn't like flyers promoting religion distributed to their kids, and an after-school Satan Club was formed. Although, the school refused to hand out flyers for the Satan Club, saying it was against school policy.

Would you be ok with your child's school promoting a Satan Club as an after-school activity?

Idaho Satanists March on Statehouse

It should be noted that the group was co-founded by Lucian Greaves, who is also the co-founder of the Satanic Temple. Despite the name, the Satanic Temple (and the Church of Satan) does not believe in Satan as an actual diety, but more so in the literary sense as "the enternal rebel" against authority and social norms.

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The Idaho State Police weren't messing around with this guy!

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