There's nothing NEW about food delivery. You have been able to deliver pizza to your doorstep for decades. However with the advancement of food delivery, it seems people may think more frequently of who is delivering their food.

Open up your app store and you can download all sorts of food delivery options: Grub Hub, Postmates, Uber Eats, Door Dash...the list goes on. In the way that people now sign up to drive for ride-share apps, we're seeing a similarly popular trend in how many folks are delivering food for these apps as a side hustle or even a full blown, all-day gig.

I was staying in Seattle for a few days about a year ago and without sounding like a jerk-- the car (and hands) that my food came out of was a little scary. Well, US Foods ran a survey with some interesting results...

According to this report, 54% of of drivers are tempted by the smell of your food in their car. Meaning, they're considering taking a bite or a handful of those fries. Ever crazier? A whopping 28% of drivers admit that yes-- they HAVE taken food from your order.

Does this change the way that you look at ordering food from these apps? Perhaps you were already skeptical? Then again-- we go back to original food delivery: is this even that different?

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