I'm seeing it everywhere and to be honest, I'm a little shocked. What is going on in the Treasure Valley? Apprently, the same thing that is going on around the rest of the country: division.

Politics have always been a heated issue. They, along with religion, can so often divide families, friends, companies, and teams. In 2016, I think most people felt a real division among parties and now, four years later, it feels as though the tension between "Trump and Biden" or "Republican and Democrat" has grown even stronger. No matter your belief--this isn't good for us as a people.

I have seen this ALL OVER social media lately. From Facebook to Twitter, Instagram to NextDoor...people are posting that their political signs are being stolen. Signs representing candidates from both sides of the isle. What is going on? Why?

People will vote as people plan to vote. As for the undecided--a yard sign or flag has never persuaded me to vote for someone. What good is a sign being stolen doing for the thief? It certainly isn't helping our local attitudes or discourse.

I voted by mail this year--enthusiastically--for my candidate of choice.  That doesn't mean that I'm going to go out of my way to mess with the belongings of someone who politically disagrees with me--no matter how polar opposite.

The videos from Ring doorbells and photos from social media of "sign stealers" are all over.

I think we're better than this, Boise. I hope we can all grow up.

Know what's stronger than stealing a sign? Voting.


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