You don't want to vote for Trump.  You don't want to vote for Clinton. Now what?

Maybe you have been considering a write-in...but in Idaho, that isn't as easy as it may sound.

On your ballot, you will see a line for the "Write In" option for President of the United States.  In Idaho, unless that person filed for Write-In Candidacy, your vote won't even count.  Many people are considering writing in someone like Bernie Sanders-- Bernie, however, did not file to be a Write In option in Idaho (as he aligned with the DNC and Hillary Clinton) so writing in Bernie, for example, would not count.

These laws vary state by state.  To continue with the Bernie Sanders example-- though he did not request it in California, he IS a write-in option in California.  There, state "electors" can get behind a person and make them a write-in candidate.


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