Today is a day that I am so passionate about: National Voter Registration Day. That's right--today is the day outside of any election day that emphasizes just how lucky we are to live in a country where our voice matters.

As we ramp up into November of 2018--it's about time to start thinking about elections again and YES, it's all over national news. In fact, so many are still so fatigued from the 2016 elections, they just don't want to think about politics anymore. No, the constant social media commentaries aren't ideal--especially when dealing with people so stuck in their own ways or being "right" (in the sense of being correct). However, there are so many things on ballots that effect our community and even our daily lives--I'm begging and encouraging you, to vote.

I don't care WHO or WHAT you vote for...but VOTE! Give yourself a reason to care and be passionate. When it comes to candidates, chances are you aren't going to agree with EVERY single thing they stand for...but you're probably going to have a preference. There's something so liberating about that feeling you get when you submit a ballot--make your voice heard!

In honor of National Voter Registration Day, there's a website all set up for you to get info and steps needed to become a registered voter if you aren't already. Just click HERE.

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