One thing that I always had a fascination with as a kid was class action lawsuits. No, there is nothing normal about that fascination especially for a child, however for whatever reason I loved filling out forms, submitting my parents information, and getting some sort of settlement months down the road--when the given lawsuit applied to our household, of course.

As I've grown up, I keep my eyes peeled for class action lawsuits because it seems like there are always more than you would expect. From toothpaste to boxes of Red Bull, being a conscious consumer pays off.

If you have ever received a robo-call and it seems as though we all have at one point or another, you could be eligible for up to $900 in settlements.

Here's the scoop--if you recall receiving a phone call between 2009 and 2014 saying you won a free cruise, chances are you are owed some money. If you're like me and you hardly remember what happened yesterday, you can type in your phone number and see if you qualify.

This isn't a hoax at all, by the way. You can check any number you would like, so be on the lookout for your family members, too! You could always charge them a finders fee!

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