Denim Day will celebrate almost 20 years of spreading awareness against sexual assault. This all coming from tragedy as the world watched another predator walk free.

We JUST wrapped up our child abuse prevention campaign (Live For 175) that falls in line with the cycle of abuse. Sexual assault is something you need to know regarding rights and wrongs.

First, it's NEVER right. No means NO! Sexual assault is an epidemic. It's tragedy. Sexual assault can take your life down to a very dark place that is extremely hard to get out of. The most difficult part of this kind of assault is talking about it. There is so much shame that comes with sexual abuse that somehow has you blaming yourself. You second guess everything.

"Maybe it was my fault." I've often heard victims mention the fright and embarrassment of being constantly told, "Nobody will believe me." If you said "No" nothing else matters.

Take today to have a conversation with a co-work, friend, and family member to ensure everything is okay. Make sure to discuss this topic with your kids with the understanding that their bodies are THEIRS.

Every 98 seconds someone is sexually assaulted.

I read the first book that Phil Jackson (former coach for Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers) wrote in a part that stills stands out today. You can use this small philosophy for anything and it's a great teaching tool.

Have your kids visualize a situation and how they would react to it. Phil Jackson used it as a player on the basketball court. Phil would sit in the locker room with his eyes closed and visualize the entire game unfold around him. He would walk through each play and see how other defenders would handle him and what he would do. Great exercise.

Walk your kids through what to do if a friend, family member, or co-worker tries to harass them.

  • Would they tell?
  • Run?
  • Call?
  • Fight?

Walk them through each scenario and help visualize handling it. This is a very useful exercise and should make them feel empowered.

Out of every 1000 sexual assaults, only 310 are reported to police

I've talked to hundreds of listeners who said they wished someone would have talked to them at a young age. I've met men and women in their 60's who talk me for the first time in their life. Strength is in numbers.

Take tonight to have this conversation because sexual assault isn't planned. You NEVER know when it's gonna happen. Arm your kids with knowledge.

You can get more details and statistics HERE. If you find yourself in a situation where you need help call 911. If you need assistance in getting help because you're scared, you can always call the Women's and Children's Alliance for assistance.

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