There's a few "situations" in nature that I would want to stay away from at all costs. Being attacked by a swarm of killer bee's is one, shark attack follows close behind. And coming face to face with a mamma grizzly bear definitely nears the top of that list. Unfortunately, a Hayden man  knows all too well what that would be like as he was mauled by one over the weekend according to this KTVB report.

The cub’s mother was right behind and charged at the hunters. "Mouth open, paws out. Almost like a football player going into tackle,” Legasa said “She got the side of my face with her claw."


Wow, thankfully Legasa is ok and recovering in a Bozeman Montana hospital. This is a classic example of why my favorite hunting game is Elk Hunter at the video arcade.  And, just as a reminder, if you come face to face with a Grizzly, DO NOT pet it.

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