When it comes to my cat--nothing can get in the way of her safety and well being. Sounds a little weird, I get it...but when you really love a creature like that, the thought of something happening to her can be terrifying! I can't imagine life without my Piccolo cat.

Now, I don't have kids so I have absolutely NO comprehension of what kind of love for your own child feels like. Every parent I have ever talked to (and I'm beginning to reach that age where my peers are having kids and explaining it to me) explains that you never know what that feeling is like until it happens and then it's crazy--the level of protection and love you develop for the...little creature.

Now imagine buying your child something that exposes them to high levels of..asbestos? Yeah, not ideal.

A recent discovery by the Environmental Working Group found high levels of asbestos inside of a Toy Princess Girl's All-in-One Makeup Palette-- a best selling online item found on sites like Amazon. The group that made the discovery is a non-profit watch dog group that doesn't have any skin in the game--I should note.

Since the discovery, Amazon has removed the product yet there are plenty in homes around the nation that should definitely be taken out of the reach of anyone in your home.

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