Police in Oregon are on the hunt for a convicted murderer that escaped from the Psychiatric Security Review Board and it's not too far from the Treasure Valley.

If you have ever driven up to Seattle, Washington, Spokane, Washington, or Portland Oregon, you've driven right through Pendleton, Oregon where all of this is going on.

The man authorities are looking for is Thaddeus Ziemlak-- a 36-year-old man who was last seen on January 5th, 2020. Ziemlak is a convicted murderer, responsible for killing his mother in her own home in Eugene, Oregon back in 2004.

Ziemlak was living in a residential facility and was on a planned community outing. Though he was due back in the afternoon, he never returned. Last time (yes, there's a last time) that he escaped custody, he was found in Wenatchee, Washington which is equidistant to Boise, Idaho from Pendleton.

The suspect has a history of drug abuse and authorities and searching high and low to find him. Authorities say that if you see him, call police immediately but do not approach him. See his photo, below, courtesy of Q 13 Fox News.




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